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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two-tail Spider

(Chestnut Ave - 25 Feb 2010)

Huntsman Spider

(Chestnut Ave - 25 Feb 2010)

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(Nee Soon Road - 9 Jan 2010)

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(Upper Peirce - 2 Dec 2009)

(Upper Peirce - 2 Dec 2009)

St Andrew Cross Spider (Argiope mangal)

These spiders get their name for the way they hold their eight legs in pairs to form an X shape. The X is called the St. Andrew's cross because it is believed that the saint was martyred on a cross of this shape rather than the conventional + shape.  Besides their standard orb-web, Argiope spiders build additional white opaque zig zag lines on their webs, called stabilimentum.  Sometimes the zig-zag lines match their leg positions, which lead some people to suggest that this helps give the appearance of longer legs.

(Venus Drive - 20 Nov 2009)

(Upper Peirce - 23 Dec 2009)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jumping Spider

(Venus Drive - 20 Nov 2009)

Mimicking Ant Jumping Spider

Some Jumping Spiders assume the appearance of an ant by having long and slender legs and what appears to be a three-part (head-thorax-abdomen) body of an insect. To add further to the deception, the fore-legs are often raised in the air like a pair of antennae.

(Dairy Farm Nature Park - 11 Nov 2009)

Some scientists believe that by mimicking ants, the spiders deceive their ant-models and prey either on the ants themselves, or on the homopteran bugs "tended" by the ants. However, it should be noted that the ant-mimicking Jumping Spiders in Singapore have never been observed to have attacked the ants they imitate. A more plausible explanation is that by copying the physical appearance of ants, the ant-mimicking Jumping Spiders are actually buying insurance for self-protection, since spider-hunting wasps, birds and other spider-predators generally avoid ants which secrete the distasteful formic acid when attacked.

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Jumping Spider (2)

(Venus Drive - 18 May 2009)

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(3) Oxyopes birmanicus - Burmese Lynx Spider

Family : Oxyopidae
Common Name : Burmese Lynx Spider
Status : Very common
Habitat : Shrubs in gardens and secondary

(Venus Drive - 2009)

Unidentified Spider

(1) Jumping Spider

(Venus Drive - 7 Jan 2009)